All in all, a good day…
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This post has been waiting for me all day, but I kept getting sidetracked. That is not to say I haven’t been productive:

I endlessly clicked through Confess! occasionally blushing but mostly wondering what priests, lawyers, and therapists hear in the course of any given day.

I learned who Suzy Quatro was (thanks to Google) on Got MILF? and voted for the WOZ as a bigger geek than the Professor on Spot the Geek. It was a close call, but being from Cupertino I had to support the WOZ.

I browsed some of the books that have been added in the past day to Bookshelf, pivoting off into Parenting Books which is going to help me immensely in armchair quarterbacking my friends’ kids (Nice, Martinb!)

I took a spin on Things Around Ann Arbor and Biodieselfinder. However, the fact that I neither live in Ann Arbor nor drive a bio-diesel car made contributing to either app problematic.

From there, I tried to decipher the bookmark links on Japanese Info Bookmarks (again, unsuccessful) and review something on review anything! (note to self: do something over the weekend worth reviewing).

I admired a few photos and browsed the reviews wuertele, wildfire, carlos, pmarca, and brentewood added to Palo Alto Restaurant Reviews. Wildfire, I agree with you on Osteria.

Off the Playground, we’ve spent the evening adding some new servers and turning on more Beta Developers.

All in all, it’s been one good day, even if I’m not the fastest blogger in town.