But I’m not a Developer…
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We’ve built the Ning Playground for both coders and non-coders to be able to build and run social apps without knowing PHP from a hole in the head.

For example, I created Palo Alto Restaurant Reviews in three clicks from Restaurant Reviews. They look and run identically, but I now have a fully-functional reviews app to use at my will. All without writing a line of code.

If you aren’t a developer in the traditional sense of the word, you can do the same thing for any of the 495+ active social apps running on the Ning Playground today.

Like It, Clone It, Run It

If you have a Beta Developer account and you see an app you like, click on the Clone This App link on the Ning Sidebar (visible on the right hand 225 pixels of any app on Ning), save it under a new Ning-generated URL, and you’re done.

You may not have the familiarity with PHP needed to change what it does, but you can change its name and, in some cases, the topic, interest, or location without knowing PHP or HTML.

You can do this for any app running on the Ning Playground or, if you are less adventurous, use Ning Example Apps, such as Rate My Teachers or Bay Area Hiking Trails. These are guaranteed to have setup pages that help you define the main parts of the apps without going into the code. You know something is a Ning Example App if, on the Ning Sidebar, it says, “created by Ning on Ning.”

If you are still a bit intimidated by this whole cloning process or want something more specialized than what you see on the Playground right now, we’ll be adding a free marketplace shortly to match people who want apps built on the Ning Playground with available PHP developers and/or visual or UI designers who want to build them.

We’ll also be rolling out additional features in the coming weeks to make configuring apps even easier.

If you have something you want to build today and need some help, visit the Ning Developer Discussion Board or drop us a note at and we’ll do what we can to get you going.