Couple of updates
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Hello from Palo Alto, CA. I’ve got a couple of updates and one congratulations. Ok, I’ll start with the congratulations. Gordon Luk is part of the team going to Yahoo! (announced today). He’s built some of the Example Apps running on the Ning Playground in the past few months and is generally one good dude. Congratulations to the team.

In other news:

Confess! was out of commission for a few hours this morning and should be back up now.

We are also currently working through the best way to make Beta Developer accounts happen for people who have been nice enough to request them.

The current spread between requests and what we can comfortably handle and still ensure the Ning Playground is fast and operational is wide. We promised ourselves if in the off-chance this would happen that we’d figure out a fair way to get them in people’s hands. While I am not sure we have a fair way to do this yet, we are looking at a couple of options at the moment and will post a plan tonight.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed. We certainly aren’t trying to be exclusive or unresponsive and definitely appreciate your interest in exploring Ning.

We should have some more updates as the day progresses. In the meantime, looks like people have been adding books to Matt Webb’s Bookshelf Example App. Might be worth a look.