Giving Austin and Texas Librarians Some Love
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To our three loyal readers, sorry we’ve been away. Tonight I’d like to highlight two Austin, TX-based apps and a few Librarians from the same great state.

While I think that Austin Nightlifer is missing, there is Austin Restaurant Reviews and Austin HotSpots to fill the void. Austin HotSpots lays out for you in full Google Map glory the places to get Wifi around Austin.

As for the Librarians, Librarians Wishlist is the creation of amwlkaw of the North Texas Regional Library System. One request to all you Librarians out there, when you add a wish, provide enough info for us non-Librarians to contribute to the cause and make the wish a reality.

I think if I were from Texas I would say Hook Them at this point. Then again, I think I’ll just say good night.