More New Stuff
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You can now view Most Recent Apps and Example Apps alongside Top Apps when you click on the More Top Apps link.

We also enhanced search within the Ning Playground. You can now find apps, users, and tags when you search from the Ning Sidebar, Ning Pivot, or Ning Home. It’s not Google, but hopefully provides yet another way to find things on the Ning Playground.

Speaking of search and the Ning Pivot, you might be wondering about the strange looking boxes you see on these pages. These are viewers, or templates for displaying content on search results and the Ning Pivot. They are a design decision, not a bug.

With a viewer, Beta Developers control how they want content from their app displayed on search results and the Ning Pivot. They’re designed to put developers in charge. Our hope is that people will do interesting things with them, although we recognize they might be a little too interesting at the moment.

If you are finding these more confusing than helpful, let us know at

This afternoon we also updated Ning Home to be more friendly to those of us with small browser windows. In addition, we added links to search, top tags, and a full index of all apps on the Ning Playground.

If we missed anything or you see ways we could make navigating the Ning Playground more helpful, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.