Marc Andreessen
Marc Andreessen
Public Ning Developer IRC Channel
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Hi all – first, let me welcome you all to Ning – as Gina said, we really appreciate everyone who is taking the time to check us out at this early stage. We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback so far and we are reading and thinking about every bit of it!

We have just turned on a public IRC channel for people interesting in developing on Ning to use, both to talk to one another and to talk to us. Various members of our team will be on the IRC channel a lot of the time, and we look forward to talking to you live and helping you however we can.

Please do be aware that while we are logging the channel, we aren’t going to try to file bugs or feature requests discussed on the IRC channel — instead, we encourage you to contribute those to the Developer Discussion Board in the appropriate section. We do file all bugs and feature requests contributed to the discussion board.

The details on the IRC channel: the server is, the port is 6667, and the channel name is “#ning”.

For everyone’s sake, please keep discussions on the channel on-topic and pleasant! We will necessarily be kicking off people who degrade the experience for others.

(For people unfamiliar with IRC – an IRC channel is like a chat room. You see a list of people who are online and in the channel at any given time, and you can both participate in the group conversation and also send messages to any individual. You will need an IRC client, or a chat or instant messaging program that supports IRC. You might consider using Trillian, for example. You can learn more here.)