Simple Example Apps for Casual PHP Developers
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If you are a casual connoisseur of PHP who wants to dive directly into coding on the Ning Playground, we’ll be the first to admit that changing big chunks of functionality on Ning Example Apps is not necessarily the best place to start. You can get there, but we‘d recommend a warm-up first.

The reason is that the Ning Example App PHP code is a bit on the complex side. This was not done to taunt anyone. Ning Example Apps have been optimized for cloning by non-developers and, to accomplish this, we had to make their structure a bit more complex than your basic PHP code.

For those who want to look at simple PHP code running apps on the Ning Playground, we have five Simple Example Apps to accomplish this goal.

By no means are these feature-complete apps optimized for cloning, but that’s not their purpose. They are designed for a casual PHP developer who wants to dip their toe in the water and ultimately build their own app with one or more of these pieces. Generally speaking, the code behind the Simple Example Apps interacts and integrates with each other nicely. We’ll be doing some things in the next week to make this integration even smoother.

The Simple Example Apps are:

  • Simple List
  • Simple Photo Album
  • Simple Dating
  • Simple Bulletin Board
  • Simple Restaurant Reviews

Couple of things to note on these. Simple Bulletin Board demonstrates the same functionality in both PHP and XNHTML, or our simple HTML tag language that avoids PHP altogether. The Simple Restaurant Reviews app is what you end up with if you follow the Restaurant Reviews Tutorial.