We’re pushing some enhancements out
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Thanks for checking out the Ning Playground. We appreciate it. We’ll let you know when we are done but the following things should be good as new within the hour:

  1. Some people aren’t able to log in right after they’ve registered. Martin is on the case. In the meantime, if you wait about 10 seconds or so before trying to sign in you might avoid the problem altogether.
  2. The Ning Pivot has a few Idiosyncrasies (like not updating regularly) at the moment. Diego’s just about finished with the tweak that will fix this.
  3. Some previously, um, dormant links will be restored to their previous glory.

Let us know if you see anything you suspect involve sinister motives or just seem funny. They are probably things we thought were working and aren’t.

UPDATE: Enhancements are deployed.