A Quick Tour of This or That
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This or That offers anyone the ability to clone and run a head-to-head competition between two things. What are some of the creative things we’ve seen in competition? Well, here’s a few for you to enjoy and share:

  • Choose Your Beer
  • Girl on Girl
  • Abstract Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Robots vs. Aliens vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas
  • Spot the Geek
  • Needle Dick
  • Do I Rock?
  • Choose Your Wine
  • Uber Squad
  • Tablet PC Duel!
  • Got MILF?
  • Gadget Fight

If I’ve missed your This or That variation or you are inspired to create a new and even more brilliant one social network, drop me a note at ceo at ning dot com with the link and I’ll post it.