Fabulous Hair
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May Woo has created Fabulous Hair – Bay Area Hair Rants & Reviews. Yes, it is a reviews app for Hair Salons in the San Francisco Bay Area (with Maps). However, there is a new map feature May threw in which is worth a quick look.

When you click on one of the locator points in the map, you can also type in your address and get directions to any one of these bastions of fine or not so fine hair stylists right then and there.

You can clone Fabulous Hair – Bay Area Hair Rants & Reviews to create a Hair Salon Reviews app for your area, change the focus to something else in your local area, or use it for something completely different where quick access to directions matters.

It’s small, but the combination of hair salon reviews and directions in one app warrants a blog post. Or maybe I just selfishly want to have a couple of back-up options in case Charles at di Pietro Todd decides to retire.