New on the Ning Pivot
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Ning Pivot

In the past few days, we’ve added some potentially better ways for discovering Apps, Users, and Tags , and Content Types on the Ning Pivot.

What’s the Ning Pivot again? The Ning Pivot is our window into everything that’s happening on the Ning Playground. You can “pivot” from App to User to Tag to Content Type and back again. The goal of the Ning Pivot is offer people the opportunity to discover relevant or interesting things across all the social apps running on the Ning Playground.

We’ve made two main enhancements to the Ning Pivot this week:

We added the ability to sort Apps, Users, and Tags, Content Types by most recent, most popular (or top), and alphabetically. This way you can see all the apps created in the past few minutes, only look at the apps that are active and having stuff going on, or simply find an app that starts with the letter “d.”

We also replaced the viewers (previously talked about here) with something, shall we say, a bit more friendly. Now you can find books, photos, or anything else you might desire directly from the Ning Pivot.

Next up for us, a number of search-related improvements. If you have other ideas for things that you’d like to see on the Ning Pivot, please don’t hesitate to let us know.