Restaurant Reviews with Maps is now a little easier for those outside the U.S.
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In Restaurant Reviews with Maps, U.S. locations are automatically added to a map when you provide the address. That’s possible thanks to the database. Unfortunately, as some of you outside the U.S. have found, a similar database is not readily available for the rest of the world.

Thanks to Chris Schmidt, we’ve added the option to choose the restaurant’s location directly on a map of your social website. For restaurant reviews outside the U.S., adding a restaurant is now a simple two-step process:

  1. Add the address of the restaurant in the fields provided (so they will display)
  2. Pinpoint the location of the restaurant on the map

Hit the button and you’re got yourself a restaurant outside the U.S.

We’ve also added a quick count of how many restaurants have been added, a few more ways to slice and dice all of your entries (by city, cuisine, and alphabetical), and the ability to get an RSS feed of restaurants as they are added.

If you have already cloned Restaurant Reviews with Maps, we’ll be sending along an email tomorrow with how to incorporate these new features into your app. It shouldn’t be more than a few quick steps.

UPDATE: We’ll have this update out to folks tonight. The good news is it will be one line of code to enhance your Restaurant Reviews with Maps.