Here come the Belgians! (And Bulgarians)
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The flag of Bulgaria

A couple of internationally-flavoured apps: Firstly, a Добър ден (dóbər dén – good day) to all Bulgarians arriving or living in America! Looking for some other expatriates?

Atanas can help you out; his Bulgarians in the USA is thriving, with discussions, events, restaurant recommendations and more. I’m intrigued by the discussion of torta garash, a cake that apparently tastes really good but requires the pulverizing of “like 3 pounds of nuts”.

The flag of BelgiumFor those a little further west, the bizarrely-named Foofies provides an exhaustive list of restaurants in the town of Leuven; 130 of them, to be precise. Leuven is known for “sporting one of the liveliest bar scenes in Belgium”, so make sure to stop by if you’re in the area. Until then, note that even speaking Flemish won’t save you from a restaurant called “Wok On Air”.