Our new tech blog is up!
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Like many here, I’m of the firm belief that the more useful information we can give to our users, the better. Hence, I’m very happy to announce a great new resource: The Ning Tech Blog.

Given that we at Ning have a large chunk of experience in working with the Ning Playground, we decided it’d be best to share the fruits of that experience with you. There are already two great posts up from David Sklar (our PHP wiz) and Nancy Chacko (our quality-assurance guru), both of which contain very handy tips for debugging your apps.

In the future we’ll be blogging about many different subjects relevant to those developing on Ning, ranging from effective use of the Content Store to nifty Javascript tools, from design and usability tips to security techniques.

We’ll be updating the blog regularly. If you’re building apps on Ning, or planning to, keep an eye on it. (Even better, you can subscribe to the RSS feed in your feed reader.) If there’s anything you particularly want us to talk about, let us know.