Questions: Now with answers!
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A big ol' question mark

A key area of social apps that we want to explore with Ning is that of knowledge sharing. We already have Restaurant Reviews With Maps (already repurposed for a variety of geographical resources), Discussion Board, Bookmarks and others. Now we’ve added a new example app for you: Question and Answer.

The impeccable work of Ted “goatee” Perchick, Q&A (as we call it around here) makes it very easy for those who need a question answered – just type something in the main text box, tag it, hit return – that’s it! It’s also easy for those who want to share their copious knowledge, as it lets them home in on those questions that haven’t been answered yet. Filtering the wheat from the chaff is a breeze with ratings on every answer. Plus, there’s an RSS feed.

There are loads of potential uses for this app: if you’re providing tech support, taking a class, running a hobby group or any other situation where people are helping each other out, you’ll probably want to take a clone of Q&A for yourself.

I’ve already got questions in the main app that could really do with some answers. If you know anything about Palo Alto, leaves or Einsturzende Neubaten, help me out here…