Go Bears!
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For fans of college sports across America, there’s only one site that really matters: CSTV. Whether your particular academia-flavoured bag is basketball, hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics or water polo, CSTV is the station to be yelling at with your buddies while waving your old college scarves.

So we were particularly thrilled when they picked (and significantly re-skinned) our How Much Do I Rock? example app for their poll, College Sports Moments of 2005. Right now it’s abuzz with activity, several of the front-runners having over a thousand votes each.

If you’re just jumping in now, you still have the time to make a difference; voting closes on January 17th at 9:00AM Pacific. Write a persuasive enough comment and you might just turn the tide. (And if you have no particular preferences, our quality maven Nancy would greatly appreciate it if you gave a vote to Hopkins. No pressure.)