Hello, 2006! My, how I’ve grown.
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'Phat Kat', uploaded by HughJanis

After the happy holiday season, the post-holiday-gluttony blues. Staggering back into the Ning offices after the festive break, clutching our overgrown bellies, we were a sorry sight. (Well, okay, not so much “we” as “I”.)

Hence, the usual array of over-over-optimistic New Year’s Resolutions: No more chocolate brownies for me! I’ll be dieting strictly. I’ll be jogging every day. I’ll regularly call my mother back in England. Plus, this is the year I write my novel, record my 3-hour techno-opera and cross the Andes in a bathtub. Such wishful thinking should be gathered somewhere – a list of wishes, perhaps? Now, where would I make one of… ah, there it is! Next, persuade Gina to buy us a Dance Dance Revolution machine…