I Love Google Maps Mania
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If you aren’t already a die hard Google Maps Mania fan, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s got a ton of great links to innovative Google Map mash-ups and tools for creating your own.

They’ve featured a few Ning apps before, but that’s not why I am recommending it. It’s simply a great resource with lots of info on all the things you can do with Google Maps.

And, while you’re here, I’ll take a moment to highlight the Google Maps mash-ups on Ning that have caught our attention:

  • Sarah Ford has created LA Playgrounds to share reviews of LA Playgrounds.
  • While Kyle Ford has created Starbucks’ Reviews and Dear John where anyone can review Starbucks in their ‘hood and, well, share horrible public bathroom stories, respectively.
  • Update: Prosmoker has created another great map app we just saw here at Smoke Friendly Restaurants in Chicago. I love America.

The Fords are one creative couple.