Running Ads In Your App
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Our “Run Your Own Ads” Premium Service is free until June. This means that once you take your app premium (free) and sign up for “Run Your Own Ads” (free), you can get an Google Adsense account (free), or a Yahoo! Publisher Network account (free), drop some code into your app (free and easy), and then sit back and watch the big bucks roll in.

Both Adsense and YPN give you a blob of Javascript and HTML to plop into your pages wherever you want the ads to show up. A handy place for the ads is the top of each page — that way everyone will see them. To drop ads into the top of each page in your app, edit the xn_header.view file. At the top of that file, paste in the Javascript/HTML blob you get from Adsense or YPN. Save the file and you’re done: ads are on every page in your app.

If you want to get fancy, surround the Javascript and HTML with code to, for example, center the ads on the page. You can do with with an HTML <div style="text-align: center"> element before the ad code and a </div> element after the ad code.

Have fun!