Some of What’s Been Happening Around Here: New Features on Ning
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There’ve been several new features and improvements we’ve been gradually releasing over the past month, and we haven’t detailed exactly what they are. We’ve had a little criticism about that recently, so it’s time to fix that:

All Ning Users can Create Apps.

Once you’ve registered for your free Ning account, you can jump straight in to cloning, coding and creating.

Run your own Google or Yahoo Ads for Free.

You can now run your own ads from Google or Yahoo on the social web apps you’ve created on Ning. When you sign in, follow the “Add Premium Services” link on any of your apps. It’s free through March.

Map your Domain Name and Hide Your Source Code.

You can now map your domain names over your social web apps on Ning and protect their source code. Just follow the “Add Premium Services” link on any of your apps.

Performance Improvements.

We’ve made substantial performance improvements to our little service which you’ll notice as both an app creator and user. Take it for a spin!

New Ning Sidebar.

In the first of several style upgrades that we have in the pipeline, the Ning Sidebar takes up less vertical space while providing more information.

Backup & Restore.

These two new functions make tinkering with your app risk-free. Automated backups happen every half-hour while you’re editing your files, whether you’re doing it through the web interface or SFTP. You can also take permanent backups when you’re satisfied. Rolling back and forth between versions only takes a couple of clicks, and the Compare feature helps you keep track of exactly what’s changed.

Merge & Reclone.

You now have two choices for catching up when a Ning app is improved: Merge intelligently combines the new code from the parent with your own changes, so you can add new features while keeping your configuration and styling.

If you want to throw away the changes you’ve made and go for the new version of the parent, choose Reclone. Both methods leave your app’s content objects where they are. Facelifts have never been so painless.

These are just a selection of some of the things we’ve released and are working on. There’s plenty more right around the corner. If you notice any breakages or problems with the above, or have suggestions for what you’d like to see next, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.