Some of What’s Coming Down the Pipe Here at Ning
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We’re going to be rolling out a bunch of new features in the coming weeks. Many of these come straight from requests or suggestions from all of you, so please keep ’em coming.

A Service Overhaul to Make Ning Even Easier and Fun to Use.

We’re giving Ning a facelift and new features to make it easier to find and share social web Apps across Ning.

More Social Apps to Clone and Run.

In addition to giving the service itself a makeover, we’ll be making all of our current Ning Apps a whole lot snazzier and easier to customize. We’ll also be adding more “composite” Apps, or Apps with multiple features like photo sharing, a marketplace, a blog, and reviews all in the same place. Video sharing is also on its way.

Build New Social Apps from Scratch without Any Coding.

Some say this might be impossible, but we love a good challenge (as people are happy to point out!). We’re creating a way for someone with no coding experience to mix and match features on their App without knowing a lick of code. While this is a bit further out, it’s one of our primary missions this year and we’re deep into making it happen.

Support for Ruby and Other Programming Languages.

Today, we offer a sandbox for PHP and in the coming months we’ll be adding the same for Ruby and a few other programming languages.

We’ll let people know as soon as these are out there. In the meantime, thank you for using Ning and continuing to give us such great feedback on what we’re doing right and how we can continue to do better.

We love it!