The Virtuous Circle
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'Cliche Mirror Squircle' by Xurble, on Flickr

Want to see a cool little Ning-powered mashup? Take a look at Swivel by Martin Davidsson. It’s a cute way to explore Flickr’s prolific Squared Circle pool by navigating the tag names.

There’s a little story behind this one, too. Martin first tried building his app using our own XNC::Services::Flickr module, but found it lacking. After getting it working by installing a different PHP library, he took the source code for our module and added the necessary functions he needed; then he sent the code to us, all of which was remarkably kind of him.

We sent him a little present by way of thanks, and we’ll be uploading a new version of the module shortly. (In the meantime, if you’re signed into Ning, you can check out Martin’s version.)

And thus, the virtuous circle of collaborative development continues. Thanks, Martin!