Happy Wednesday and a Quick Tour of New Stuff
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We’ve been quiet here at Ning Blog HQ in the past few days, but don’t let the quiet fool you. We would never forget about our faithful blog readers!

Since we last wrote, we’ve been improving upon last week’s release, hanging out at Mashup Camp, and, yes, having a few beers and a nap or two over the long weekend. Hey, you gotta rest sometimes 🙂

New social stuff release

Here’s a quick tour of some of the new stuff we’ve got going on:

New Ways to Discover Apps

There are now more ways to discover Social Web Apps on Ning platform! We’ve got your App Categories, Popular Apps, and a few more ways to browse Ning that are easier on the eyes. You can even add your own image to showcase your App on Ning (We call them Appatars around here. Yes, we think that type of thing is funny.) To add your own App image, tags, and categories, go to Edit App Settings for any of your Apps.

New Group App

Our new Group App is the only place where you can define the member profile questions AND enjoy photo sharing, an events calendar, and discussion forums all customizable for your group. You can keep it open or make it members only. It’s totally up to you. Oh, and you can set the whole thing up on a single page. Nice, eh?


We heard alot of requests from folks to offer the option for people to add a bit more about themselves on Ning. You asked, we delivered! Now you can see more info on People and Apps around here. Don’t be shy and add a little bit about yourself to your profile! (Don’t worry, it’s totally optional.)


For you developers out there, watch a screencast of Yoz building a Photo Sharing App – and pulling in Flickr photos to match – in six minutes on Ning. Yep, you heard right, you can build your very own Photo Sharing App on Ning in six minutes. Six minutes? Yep, six minutes.

Web Services Skeleton Apps

Also for you developers out there, we’ve created some really simple ways to get a head start on your own mashup with Ning web services API Skeleton Apps. They’re all set up with the web services APIs from Flickr, eBay, Google Maps, Yahoo Search, and Amazon built it. Don’t worry we won’t tell that you took any shortcuts.

There’s alot more features we’ve added that we’ll walk through in various posts over the next few days. We’ll also share some tricks of the trade for getting the most out of Ning.

In the meantime, enjoy your Wednesday night!