We’re back, and we’re SNAZZY!
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So how’d you like the new look, eh? Pretty snazzy, if we do say so ourselves. But that’s barely the start of it!

We’ve got:

  • New Apps for you (ReviewIt and Groups are my two faves)
  • New polish on the older Apps
  • New (and better) App set-up and customization
  • New profile pages
  • Plenty of web services skeletons on the Developer tab
  • Oh, and there’s my screencast where I create a Photo Sharing App in 5 1/2 minutes!

Jump in, run around, and let us know what you think. This morning, we’re going to let people go home and get some sleep, then we’ll be back to work. As cool as this new stuff is, we’re not nearly done yet, and the stuff that’s coming in the next couple of months will blow your socks off.