Who doesn’t love a Friday before a release?
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I love it with a capital L because I’m really excited to this one out the door. That door right now is looking like Monday or Tuesday. Sorry to have tempted you with a Sunday night prediction earlier. We still might get there, but we like to indulge in a little recreational QA on weekends and that might push us out by a day.

While you wait, here’s a little sneak preview of a few things we have coming down the pipe. Nothing earth shattering, but these little numbers mean continued adventures in novice programming for yours truly. 🙂

Simple Web Services APIs Apps

Designed for adventurous people with no coding experience, beginning developers, and experienced developers who like free and easy shortcuts, Yoz has been whipping out simple web apps on Ning with web services APIs already built in and ready to go.

These skeletors (ok, skeleton web apps, but we think skeletors is funny) have two benefits:

  • You can see how easy it is to pull in any web services API to your free web apps running on Ning social platform
  • You have a major head start in creating your own sweet web app or mash-up using any of these services

Our skeletors include the following communities:

  • Flickr Skeleton App
  • Amazon Skeleton App
  • Yahoo! Search Skeleton App
  • Google Maps Simple Skeleton
  • Google Maps with Lat/Long Markers Skeleton
  • eBay Skeleton App
  • eBay Motors Mapped (which I blogged about earlier)
  • Bookshelf (pulls in book data from Amazon)

Have a spin, let me know what you think, and enjoy your weekend!