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Group (Part 1)

I’d like to give a little tour of Ning’s Group where you can:

  • Enjoy photo sharing, discussions, and an event calendar all in the same place
  • Customize the look
  • Edit the profile questions
  • Make it public or members only

And, as always, you can also dive right into the HTML/CSS and PHP to add features, change the layout, delete stuff, or just experiment. It’s totally up to you.

To start, we offer a version of this app called Group (yeah, I know, original). The point of this app is not to add your profile, photos, events, and discussions to a generic group website, but to Clone It and create your own Group.

Here’s the Group app in its generic form:

Group homepage

Now for the fun stuff.

I clone my own copy, Gina’s Sweet Group which takes me to the set up page where I can choose my colors, add an image to the header, and tell people on the homepage what my group is all about.

Set-up page one

Next, I decide I want to make my group private and create my own profile questions, which I can do right here on the same page:

Set-up page two

The end result? Well, one very spectacular Gina’s Sweet Group website, of course!

Gina's Sweet Group

I would have called it Gina’s Sweetass Group but this is a family blog.

Update from the Trenches

Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged! While I wish this long-delayed blogging coincided with some romantic trip to Tahiti, sadly it did not.

In fact, we’ve had our heads working on many of the new features you, our fantastic community of app creators and users, have asked for and a few we think you’ll like anyways.

So, what’s all this great stuff we’re working on, you ask? Let’s see…we’ve got:

  • A PHP API built on top of REST and support for Atom
  • More fun-filled things to do with video
  • A smaller, more integrated and flexible Ning Sidebar
  • A complete makeover of our current photo sharing and video sharing apps
  • Better Ning search
  • Support for Ruby

We’ll keep you posted on when we’ll be rolling this new stuff out.

In the meantime, if these types of projects sound like fun to all of you, well then why don’t you drop us a line? We’re hiring and would love to talk to anyone who drinks our special brand of kool-aid: building a powerful online platform for developers and non-developers alike to create and share social web apps in new and interesting ways.

You can find the positions we’re looking to hire here on our Ning Jobs app.

And to the 14 people who actually have this puppy in their feedreaders, we’ll be back to blogging more regularly in the next few days. That’s it for now!

Ning at Emerging Technology ’06

Boy, what a week! David, Martin, Brian and I all headed down to San Diego for the 2006 Emerging Technology conference and had a few days packed with meeting people, attending cool talks, looking at strange things, riding Segways, watching fighting vacuum cleaners and all kinds of other fun.

Somehow in the middle of all that we actually managed to make some presentations. The main one was all about Ning and its various coolnesses; click here to read about it and watch the whole thing as a streaming Flash screencast. During the talk we launched something really quite exceptionally cool, namely our new Atom API – you can play with it now without writing anything more complex than a URL. Give it a go!

I also gave a five minute mini-presentation during the talk on microformats, which are incredibly useful for exporting useful data out of HTML. Jon spent last weekend integrating them into our Groups app, and you can now subscribe to a group’s event calendar using many different calendar applications. Many thanks to Tantek Çelik for including us in his talk! (Similar thanks go to Tim Bray of the Atom Working Group and Dick Hardt of Sxip for mentioning us in their talks. Sxip had released their new API the day before – we had a Ning app using it ten minutes later. Fast, eh?)

All in all, the whole thing was fantastic fun. Many thanks to everyone involved, especially Rael Dornfest, Tim O’Reilly, Nat Torkington and the rest of the O’Reilly staffers who created such a wonderful event. Well done, chaps!

Everyone’s a Winner!

Remember our little Oscar pool? Well, we had a few winners despite the big surprise for best picture.

Atomix had the highest score predicting 14 winners out of a possible 24. Jasonbruen and mklatham8 were a close second each guessing 13 correct.

In the tradition of the Oscars with their famed $100,000 (!) goody bags, we are sending the top three winners a gift bag filled with Ning apparel and a $50 gift certificate to Amazon to buy the movies of their choice.

Thanks for playing!

Cute Everywhere!


By popular demand, we now have a new and improved Mini-Cute Tracker!

If you have a blog, website, or MySpace page, sprinkle this little ball of cuteness in and watch your legions of fans scream, “Oh my god, that is soooooo CUTE!”

Trust us, it’s totally addictive.

The Mini-Cute Tracker comes in two different flavors:


Could anything keep you from adding something so cute to your blog, website, or MySpace page right now? I didn’t think so…