Group (Part 1)
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I’d like to give a little tour of Ning’s Group where you can:

  • Enjoy photo sharing, discussions, and an event calendar all in the same place
  • Customize the look
  • Edit the profile questions
  • Make it public or members only

And, as always, you can also dive right into the HTML/CSS and PHP to add features, change the layout, delete stuff, or just experiment. It’s totally up to you.

To start, we offer a version of this app called Group (yeah, I know, original). The point of this app is not to add your profile, photos, events, and discussions to a generic group website, but to Clone It and create your own Group on Ning social website builder.

Here’s the Group app in its generic form:

Group homepageNow for the fun stuff.

I clone my own copy, Gina’s Sweet Group which takes me to the set up page where I can choose my colors, add an image to the header, and tell people on the homepage what my group is all about.

Set-up page one

Next, I decide I want to make my group private and create my own profile questions, which I can do right here on the same page:

Set-up page two

The end result? Well, one very spectacular Gina’s Sweet Group website, of course!
Gina's Sweet Group

I would have called it Gina’s Sweetass Group but this is a family blog.