Ning at Emerging Technology ’06
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Boy, what a week! David, Martin, Brian and I all headed down to San Diego for the 2006 Emerging Technology conference and had a few days packed with meeting people, attending cool talks, looking at strange things, riding Segways, watching fighting vacuum cleaners and all kinds of other fun.

Somehow in the middle of all that we actually managed to make some presentations. The main one was all about Ning and its various coolnesses; click here to read about it and watch the whole thing as a streaming Flash screencast. During the talk we launched something really quite exceptionally cool, namely our new Atom API – you can play with it now without writing anything more complex than a URL. Give it a go!

I also gave a five minute mini-presentation during the talk on microformats, which are incredibly useful for exporting useful data out of HTML. Jon spent last weekend integrating them into our Groups app, and you can now subscribe to a group’s event calendar using many different calendar applications. Many thanks to Tantek Çelik for including us in his talk! (Similar thanks go to Tim Bray of the Atom Working Group and Dick Hardt of Sxip for mentioning us in their talks. Sxip had released their new API the day before – we had a Ning app using it ten minutes later. Fast, eh?)

All in all, the whole thing was fantastic fun. Many thanks to everyone involved, especially Rael Dornfest, Tim O’Reilly, Nat Torkington and the rest of the O’Reilly staffers who created such a wonderful event. Well done, chaps!