Update from the Trenches
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Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged! While I wish this long-delayed blogging coincided with some romantic trip to Tahiti, sadly it did not.

In fact, we’ve had our heads working on many of the new features you, our fantastic community of app creators and users, have asked for and a few we think you’ll like anyways.

So, what’s all this great stuff we’re working on, you ask? Let’s see…we’ve got:

  • A PHP API built on top of REST and support for Atom
  • More fun-filled things to do with video
  • A smaller, more integrated and flexible Ning Sidebar
  • A complete makeover of our current photo sharing and video sharing apps
  • Better Ning search
  • Support for Ruby

We’ll keep you posted on when we’ll be rolling this new stuff out.

In the meantime, if these types of projects sound like fun to all of you, well then why don’t you drop us a line? We’re hiring and would love to talk to anyone who drinks our special brand of kool-aid: building a powerful online platform for developers and non-developers alike to create and share social web apps in new and interesting ways.

You can find the positions we’re looking to hire here on our Ning Jobs app.

And to the 14 people who actually have this puppy in their feedreaders, we’ll be back to blogging more regularly in the next few days. That’s it for now!