Faster, Better, and with now with Even More Web Services
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So, you might think about Ning as the place to create mash-ups with open web services. Well, tonight we’re releasing the just-out-of-beta version of our own Ning Atom API. This means that it’s now just as easy to pull data out of Ning and into your own blog or website as it is to pull data from other services into Ning. Neat, eh?

We’ll be down for a couple of hours tonight getting this rolled out, but when we come back up we’ll be offering:

Open Access to the Ning Content Store

With the new Ning Atom API, you can access anything in the Ning content store from outside Ning. This means you can get a feed of your app’s content into your own blog or website.

App Tracker

Ever wonder how many times your Ning social app has been cloned? Well, now you can keep track of your (or any) app’s clones with a handy Atom feed piped right into your favorite feed reader. For example, to check out the lineage of Restaurant Reviews, try adding this feed into your Bloglines account or Firefox Live Bookmarks.

Option to Display Real Names and Pretty Faces

Several of you asked for the ability to enhance your app by displaying more than just a username next to contributed content. Now you can. With the new Ning Atom API, you can pull your users’ real names and photos into your app. You can learn more about how to make this happen in the Atom API docs.

We’d love your thoughts on these new features, especially if you have any questions about using them, so jump in, have a play, and let us know what you think!