Break Out the Champagne!
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We just broke 12,000 social web apps on Ning Social Platform. Wahoo!

Also, congrats are in order to Meg Frost and Cute Overload for their Webby award. Nice!

Things are busy here at Ning HQ. In fact, like alot of other people on the web, we have the bad habit of getting focused on product releases and not blogging about what we’re up to. It’s one pattern I’d like to change starting with this post. Feel free to keep me honest if I go MIA or if you don’t feel like this blog is doing a good job of communicating what’s happening at Ning.

So, what are we up to at Ning? Well, I’m glad that you asked. We’ve gotten some great feedback over the past eight months and right now the piece we’re working on is enabling maximum control over the visual design of apps. Afterall, it’s yours! We’re also rolling out built-in app search and a few other features that will make creating apps on Ning even more kick ass. We should have all of this out in the next month.

In the meantime, we’re going to be pushing out a Ning app for families next week, adding upgrades to This or That and Do I Rock?, and rolling out a few more enhancements to the REST API we launched a few weeks back.

We’ll keep you posted!