Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford
We Are Fam-i-ly
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If you’re anything like me, you never have any idea how to contact your distant relatives to send extremely-belated thank-you-notes. And there’s no WAY you remember the recipe for Grandma’s super-secret cinnamon rolls, or when exactly Uncle Leo’s taking that trip to Europe.

Sure you could dig through your junk drawer looking for Aunt Edna’s cell number, or attempt to make the cinnamon rolls yourself (wouldn’t recommend it), but there’s now a better way!

Introducing Our Family, a new Ning app designed specifically for…well…families. What are some of the bells and whistles, you ask?

  • Discussion Forums: For lively family banter (“OMG! Cousin Fred got his girlfriend pregnant!” and such).
  • Photo Sharing: To help eliminate the neverending wave of email attachments…plus, as a bonus, with only one click you can put any uploaded photo on a shirt or mug! (Thanks, Zazzle!)
  • Family Profiles/Address Book with Google Maps: To give every family member their own page for contact information, interests and wishlists…plus the ability to see the entire family on a Google map.
  • Family Events Calendar: To keep up with birthdays, get-togethers, etc.
  • Recipe Sharing/Reviews: To help centralize all the family food secrets.

And most importantly, you have full privacy controls, to keep out unwanted visitors and keep it…wait for it…a family affair.

I’m here all night, folks! Tip your waitresses!