Monthly Archives: June 2006

It’s Where The People Are

One of the reactions we hear from folks clicking around the new Ningbar is: “Wow – it’s full of people.” Sure, it’s full of people. Ning is all about sharing, communicating, doing stuff together. It’s people that make Ning work, by creating the galaxy of wild and wonderful things that fill it. It’s why we call them social Apps. And it’s why we’ve added the new friends list. We’ve made it available for all Ning Apps to use, so you only have to build it up once.

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A Chat with Fabricio Zuardi, Creator of CCHits

Fabricio Zuardi

We knew CCHits was going to be popular, but didn’t think it’d happen quite this fast. Since we announced the user-driven hub gathering the latest and greatest Creative Commons-licensed music – which, by my watch, was a mere two weeks ago – the site’s notched up over 200 inbound links from blogs, including mentions on Boing Boing and Lifehacker.

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