It’s Where The People Are
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One of the reactions we hear from folks clicking around the new Ningbar is: “Wow – it’s full of people.” Sure, it’s full of people. Ning is all about sharing, communicating, doing stuff together. It’s people that make Ning work, by creating the galaxy of wild and wonderful things that fill it. It’s why we call them social Apps. And it’s why we’ve added the new friends list. We’ve made it available for all Ning Apps to use, so you only have to build it up once.

First of all, the basics: When you see a person’s icon in the Ningbar, it’ll have two icons on the right side. The first, an envelope, lets you send them a message. The second icon indicates your current relationship status with that person:

  • can be clicked to ask that person to become your friend.
  • means that you’re established friends.
  • means that you’ve asked to be confirmed as a friend and they haven’t got back to you.

The Ningbar offers many ways to explore the people using the current App and the whole of Ning. Clicking any person’s icon will take you to their profile, where you can see which Apps they own and use, who their friends are and what their friends say about them.

If you know that a friend of yours is on Ning but know their email address and not their username, use the “Import Contacts” feature and it’ll show you where they are on Ning. (“Import Contacts” is a great way to find a whole load of your friends at once, and to invite others. We’ll talk more about it in the near future.)

So that’s how you build up your friends list, but what use is it to Apps? This is the really cool part – Apps can take advantage of our new friends and messaging features through our open API. If you’re an App owner who wants to provide a “Share this with your friends” feature, we can show you how. It means that every Ning App has social network features available right from the start, and – like the rest of Ning – it’s 100% programmable.