Monthly Archives: July 2006

Juicy new Developer Features!

This weekend saw our eager-beaver engineering and operations teams roll out another release of the Ning Playground. The front-end differences are fairly small this time, but there are quite a few of them: for example, the Ningbar’s easier to get around with “Back” button support and a dedicated user search on the “People” panel.

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Timeliner and the Build-To-Clone Model

Here’s a little app I cooked up recently: Timeliner. It’s based on a gorgeous Javascript widget produced by the SIMILE Project at MIT. (Thanks to Rob Mowery for pointing it out – he sends us all kinds of goodies, that man.) It’s a very basic proof of concept that just makes it easy to add events on a timeline and share it. Try clicking on events, or grabbing the timeline and dragging it around – nifty, eh?

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Your App, Your Search

Another feature of the Ningbar is App Search. Every Ning App gets a powerful built-in search engine for free. The search box lives at the top of the screen. Enter some text, and it’ll search through the content of the current App, as well as across all Ning Apps in one go – 15,000 Apps and rising. All of the public content is searchable from the start and the private content stays private.

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