Juicy new Developer Features!
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This weekend saw our eager-beaver engineering and operations teams roll out another release of the Ning Playground. The front-end differences are fairly small this time, but there are quite a few of them: for example, the Ningbar’s easier to get around with “Back” button support and a dedicated user search on the “People” panel.

Other bits of user interface have been tightened up: you can now remove people from your friends list without blocking, and the “Compose Message” form is smarter too.

We also have some nifty goodies for developers: the new logical OR operator gives more power to your Content Store queries, as does the ability to use a friends list as a filter. Best of all, apps can now receive email and process photos and movies from MMS messages.

For first sight of docs and examples for these features, subscribe to our Tech Blog if you haven’t already. Not only do we post the latest developer info there, it’s a constant source of tips and wisdom on all aspects of Ning Social App development – so dive in!