Your App, Your Search
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Another feature of the Ningbar is App Search. Every Ning App gets a powerful built-in search engine for free. The search box lives at the top of the screen. Enter some text, and it’ll search through the content of the current App, as well as across all Ning Apps in one go – 15,000 Apps and rising. All of the public content is searchable from the start and the private content stays private.

But if you want more control over how your App Search works, you’ve got it. As we said, everything in your Ning App is 100% programmable – and that includes what the search engine does.

If you want to limit the search results to the content in your App, you can. If you want to change the way the search is done, or the way it’s displayed, you can do that too. You can take the search interface in the Ningbar and redirect it to your own custom code. We’ve used this trick in some of our Apps, such as the Developer Discussion Board, to provide custom search results that use the App’s own features.