Welcome Aboard, PHP Community!
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PHP Community is the new home for a friendly and varied bunch of PHP coders who’ve been floating around together on the net for a while. In the past they’ve written their own magazine and hosted blogs; now they’re checking out Ning and our Group App as a replacement for their old site.

So far, they seem pretty happy with it! The community is open, so feel free to go join it. You can also chat with them on their IRC channel, #phpc on Freenode.

The app was created by experienced PHP programmer and writer Ben Ramsey. He’s also created another Ning App for PHP hackers eager to play with the forthcoming Zend Framework. We at Ning think this is fantastic – not only are we big fans of Zend’s work, but we contributed a chunk of code as well.
We’ll be integrating the framework with the Ning Playground soon after the final version is released. In the meantime, you can clone Ben’s app ZendFW and start exploring in advance.

Update: The Zend Devzone‘s Cal Evans has posted a short chat with Ben Ramsey about his Ning experiments.