Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford
Ning Photos: Your Cameraphone’s New Best Friend
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With our product launch of Photos, Videos, and Group a few weeks ago, we didn’t highlight the ability to post photos (and videos, but that’s a whole other blog entry) to Ning sites from your mobile phone. This opens up a few interesting options for a wide variety of people.

For Computer-Savvy Blogger Types…

Already use another photo sharing service? Perhaps one that rhymes with the word sticker? Why not start a separate moblog? I’ve always wanted to separate my camphone pics from my “real” photos without paying for another account. With Ning, you can start a fully-customized moblog site in a matter of seconds by going to Ning Photos and clicking on the “Get Your Own Photos Site” button at the top of the page.

For Your Mom Who Just Got a Fancy New Phone But Can’t Get the Damn Photos Off Of It…

Set up a free, custom site for her in a flash. She’ll even get pretty slideshows. It’s painless…well, except for the whole “telling her how to enter an email address into her phone” part. Not that I have any experience with this scenario. It’s purely hypothetical.

For Your Crazy Weekend Road Trip…

Set up a site to upload photos from the road. You can even place them on a map once you’re back at a computer. It’s an instant scrapbook.

For Your Class Reunion, Wedding or Other Big Event

Set up a site, then give the special upload email address to the attendees for multi-person photo coverage of the festivities. It’s just like the old “give everyone a disposable camera” trick…but without the whole “developing the film” thing. And remember, it’s easy to delete any unwanted pics (this means you, Uncle Marty).

So have at it!

Oh, and if you come up with a cool new use for your copy of Ning Photos, let us know! We’ll continue to feature creative user sites on our homepage, so keep the good ideas flowing.

Update: Here’s a Halloween Costumes photos site that we love. Check it out!