Culture Shapers
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There have been a couple of great photos and videos sites popping up in the past few days that I wanted to get out there.

Cultureshapers Art Contest

This Cultureshapers photos site jumped to our popular sites list last week and it’s spectacular. Turns out that it is a citywide art contest for students in Houston, TX. I couldn’t believe that these were student works.

Here’s my favorite painting:


I think it’s really beautiful.

Here’s a little more on the Cultureshapers contest by Shawn, who created the site:

In just six years, we’ve awarded more than a half-million dollars in cash prizes to student artists, thanks to our generous financial partners and corporate sponsors!

The majority of these pieces will not make it the final round; just 70 pieces will be selected from the contest’s seven categories.

PLUS, we’re only half-way done! The photos on the site so far are just from two categories: Drawing and Painting. We have another 4 categories that will be juried this coming weekend – Electronic Media, Mixed Media, Photography and Film – and those images will be added to this site as well.

The Top 10 will be announced on the main contest website: on Monday, November 13th.