Ning is Hiring!
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I just finished updating our Ning Jobs page and wanted to put the word out that we’re looking for a few great people to join the team:

  • QA Manager (or Director)
  • QA Engineer
  • Java Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Web Designer/Developer

If your interested (and qualified!), drop us a note and resume at

And for some background on us, here’s a bit of our philosophy and some photos of our digs:

  • Run fast, fly low, and be cheap
  • Have working social sites that you can point us to today
  • Keep everyone informed, both on the good news and the bad news
  • Organize based on a cell structure for both developer and non-developer teams
  • Flat organization with small, iterative teams of highly productive people
  • Transparency – review projects often and keep an open dialogue among different groups
  • Reward innovation, ingenuity, and hard work
  • Meritocracy
  • Evaluate and reward managers based on development of people
  • Top down reassignments of high achievers
  • Build a team with potential, drive, curiosity, intelligence and ambition
  • Take chances on people without a track record – grow together as a team
  • Train people
  • Everyone teaches
  • Honest, frequent feedback
  • Weekly 1:1, staff, and all hands meetings
  • Written career development plans