Blogging Sins
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I’ve committed one of the great blogging sins. I let this blog sit idle for the past week and a half. In this case, the blog has been the casualty of alot of hard work on the next major turn of Ning which we’ll be rolling out as a closed beta here in the next two weeks and releasing publicly in February.

I’ll be talking here in the coming weeks more about the new release and what we’re doing. In the meantime, excuse the fact that there will be lighter posting. I think that the result will be well worth it.

Just because I’ve been remiss in posting doesn’t meant here hasn’t been a ton of new sites popping up on Ning. Here’s a smattering for you to check out:


This is a Ning Group site for supporters of presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


This is amazing, if not sort of trippy. You come, you draw, and a little dude on a bike rides your lines. Hence, linerider. Have a look:
And a personal favorite due to my unhealthy obsession with French Bulldogs (despite not actually having one), FrogDog has created a host of sites from entertaining to informative around all things Frenchies.

Checkout French Bulldog Cuteness Wars, Frenchie Vets, and Frogster in the French Bulldog network.