Who is Keppler?
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CBS and the CSI Team just launched their video site on Ning. Michael Keppler (played by Liev Schreiber) is the mysterious character taking over for Grissom while he is teaching some insect class at Williams College for 8 weeks. But this Keppler guy is more of an engima than Gil…..(insert mysterious music)


Not only are the folks from CSI posting video clues to Keppler, fans can add their own CSI videos too as well.

Interestingly, CBS is using the same Ning service available to everyone. While they’ve purchased a few of our premium features, like domain name masking and running their own ads, one thing I really like about our service is that anyone can use us: from big media companies to small media companies to one person media companies.

Anyways, it’s definitely worth a whirl for you hardcore CSI fans out there!