Launch Day!
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They say launch days are never boring and that was never truer than this morning. We found a bug a few moments ago – one of those classic ones that get introduced when you’re trying to put the final touches on everything – and are fixing it as we speak.

Given that we want everyone to have a great experience, we’re giving Ning a break and should be back in a few moments.

I’ll keep everyone posted and thanks again for the great reception this morning. We really appreciate it!

UPDATE: We’re back in action before 9am PST.

We were down for about an hour as a result of a bug we introduced last night as we were putting the final touches on the all new Ning. It wasn’t a scalability or load issue, just classic burning the midnight oil.

We’ve set up a place to funnel any issues anyone is seeing as they use Ning today so that we can rapidly respond, fix, and generally ensure an awesome experience on Ning.

Check out our Ning Network Creator’s discussion on Known Issues & Bugs where we’ll post things people are finding and how we’re fixing them.


This post explains the bug we ran into today and what we’re doing about it. And, by all means, let us know if there’s anything we else we can do to be helpful!