A Shout Out
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It’s been three weeks since the launch of your own social network for anything here on your friendly neighborhood Ning and, so far, it’s been an amazing ride. As of tonight, we’ve passed 17,000 new social networks on Ning. Wow.

In addition to the incredible effort of our team, there have been a few folks who worked on various features over the past year who deserve a huge (much belated!) shout out. Not in any particular order:


Clear:left early on helped us think through how to make videos the feature that it’s become. They are an incredibly talented team and a real pleasure with whom to work. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Silver Orange

Silver OrangeSilver Orange gave us the initial discussion forum (with many more features designed in that we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks) and designed an amazing store/marketplace that we’re planning for Summer 2007. Extra bonus: they are Canadian.

Mule DesignMule Design

Mule created a few features that we have coming down the pipe in the coming months. They are flexible, creative, responsive, and do great work.

Adaptive PathAdaptive Path

Adaptive Path created the initial wireframes for the Create Your Own Network process. They were really helpful in defining the direction that we ultimately took.

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