The Red Light District
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Red Light District

So, we’ve been at this whole “social” thing for a little while and have learned a few things along the way in terms of preventing porn, spam, and other undesirables from seeping into your new social network.

By saying that, I’ve now probably thrown down the gauntlet to every pornographer and spammer out there, but here are some things to highlight.

I should start by saying that Ning gives you your own social network for anything, so it is different model from “one-size-fits-all” social network where members don’t have control over what other members are doing which, in turn, leads to more exposure to porn, spam, and fraud. I found this out the hard way on a MySpace page that is forever burned into my skull.

We’ve done a few things to help Network Creators and their members self-police their own networks on Ning:

Network Autonomy
Networks on Ning are relatively stand-alone. This means that you can create – and control – your own network. You set the standards that are right for your community and have the tools to take the appropriate steps to keep your network safe from inappropriate content yourself, without the need for Ning to get involved.

Report an Issue Emails
The members on your network – and on any network on Ning – have the ability to report any content that they find objectionable by clicking on the Report an Issue link at the bottom of every page on your network. From this link, an email with the report and a link to the individual page the report came from is sent to the network creator. The network creator can then choose the appropriate action.
Administrative Privileges for Deleting People and Content
As the network creator, you can delete any person and their photos, videos, blog posts, comments, chatters, and forum discussions, posts, and replies from your network. To delete a rogue member, go to your Privacy & Members page and delete that person by name. This will delete them and anything they’ve added to your network. You can also delete individual photos, videos, posts, comments, etc wherever you see the delete link.
Multiple Administrators
We’ll be rolling out a way to easily add Multiple Administrators in the next month. You can add this manually today, but it’s not easy, which is why we’re adding this new feature.
Content Moderation
You can choose to moderate photos and video before they are displayed on your network. This option can be found on the “Privacy & Members” page of your network (found from the “Manage” link on the right hand side of the page when you are a network creator.)
Public or Private Networks
You can make your network public or private from the “Privacy & Members” page. On public networks, specifically, we ask that adult networks choose the option to only show the sign-up page so that people aren’t inadvertently exposed to porn. As porn networks are reported to Ning, we’ll ask them to take this step or deactivate.
You can block any person from sending you email or inviting you to be their friend via your network – or any network – on Ning. You can do this today when you get a message or friend request from someone in the Ningbar at the top of any page. We leave it up to the individual to decide who can and can’t contact them.

The most important thing to us is that you have the control to make your network exactly what you want it to be. We think these steps go a long way in getting you there and we have other new features that will continue to make control over your network even easier.