Totally Yoursable
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Hi, I’m Paul and I’m the Lead Designer here at Ning. For me, one of the greatest aspects of Your Social Network, is how much control you have over your network’s design. If you’re a Network Creator (or perhaps that should be ‘master of your own domain’) you’ve probably seen the Appearance settings page when you created your network. You can always access your Appearance page later by going to your Manage page and clicking ‘Appearance’ of course.

But why should Network Creators have all the fun? If you’re a member of a network, you can customise the design of your own page too. For those Cederholm’s, Bowman’s and Hick’s among us, you can also use CSS to further define the look of your pages.

Of course not everyone’s a designer, and for that reason we give you a number of pre-set themes, which you can then customise to your own tastes. These range from simple colour palettes, city inspired designs, and themes for specific occasions:

We love themes so much that we added another six in our latest release, and we’ll be adding more over the coming months. If you have any particular themes or designs you would like to see added to this growing collection, I’d love to hear your suggestions, so please leave them in the comments below.

These appearance options are just another way in which we allow you to make your network totally ‘yoursable’ – it’s the hot new phrase for 2007.