A Flurry of New Things
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New ReleaseThere are a variety of new things to enjoy on your social network these days. I’m sure you’ve found a few of these already, but some highlights…

  1. Discussion Forum improvements, including a new design and 9 levels of indented replies. We’ll also introduce categories, a rich text editor, and the ability to sort discussions by recent activity next week.
  2. Number of friends and members are now visible, so you don’t have to do the math in your head.
  3. We’ve expanded the types of HTML you can use in your text boxes, profile questions, chatters, as well as on discussion forum posts and replies. Here’s the initial list of things you can do when you see “Some HTML” and, with this release, we’ve added ordered and unordered lists to the mix.
  4. From friend request notifications, you can now view your prospective friend’s profile on the network from which they invited you. It’s a simple link in the request.
  5. We’ll also rolled out improvements, fixes, and enhancements around your social network with this release. Think of it as a whole set of little surprises that will make your day just a little brighter 🙂