An Invitation to Join
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Life at Ning

When we started Ning, we wanted to create both a great company and a great service. We’ve assembled a small team of some of the best product managers, developers, designers, and ops people in Silicon Valley to work on creating beautiful software real people use in their daily lives.

We’ve been known to look for some serious chops in the people who join our team. That being said, if you think you have what it takes, we might have an incredible opportunity for you.


  • Exceptionally motivated and extremely good at what you do. For you, it’s not a job. It’s a passion.
  • Expert problem solver and extremely creative. Not afraid of an insane idea or two on the way to an amazing solution.
  • Independent, but not so independent you don’t love being on a great team.
  • Take pride in your tangible accomplishments. You love action. Talk is optional.
  • Open to frequent, honest feedback – of both good and bad – given with the intent of making you wildly successful. Able to provide honest, constructive feedback given with the intent of making others super successful.


  • Make our mark on the world by creating a fantastic service used by real people in their daily lives.
  • Provide a platform for you to be phenomenal at what you do.
  • Only bring on people who are curious, driven, smart, and open to new ideas.
  • Take a chance on people without a track record.
  • Offer you a million ways to take on new challenges within the company. No matter how big we get, we want you to be able to throw your hat in any ring you’d like and make things happen.
  • Create a culture where everyone teaches and everyone learns. More importantly, only hire people who are curious enough to teach and to learn.
  • Build a meritocracy that rewards people for great ideas, innovation, and hard work.
  • Keep the team as flat as possible and projects as autonomous as possible. We don’t want highly productive people bogged down with unnecessary bureaucracy or integration. Speed is critical.
  • Offer everyone a transparent view into everything going on throughout the company. We review projects often, but with the goal of the most efficient communication possible. There are quick daily check-ins as well as staff meetings, all hands meetings, and weekly one-on-ones.
  • Reward managers based on the success and development of their people.
  • Work hard to make the service something we, the team, loves.
  • Create a culture that strives to constantly make the service better. We never want to reach the end.Interested? Check out Ning Jobs.