Beautiful Integration: Rawkus Records
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One question we get alot is, “How do I integrate my network on Ning into my existing site or blog?”

The most obvious (and completely free) way to integrate your new network into your existing site or blog is to simply match the visual design, or appearance, of one to the other. In fact, it’s actually pretty easy to do.

Rawkus Records has done a fantastic integration of their new social network with their existing site using the Appearance options available on Ning.

Let’s dive into a couple of specifics…

Here’s the Main page of their social network on Ning:

Here’s the homepage of their original site:

Notice anything different between the two? Exactly. There isn’t much. They are beautifully integrated with each other. In this case, they used the Advanced option to customize the CSS and HTML of their network to match their existing homepage. It’s really nicely done.

As a final touch, they are using their own domain name (, which they owned already. To then “mask” their Ning default address, they simply purchased the premium option for $4.95 per month and followed the instructions. You can access this option on your own network by going to the Manage page and choosing Premium Services.